The Kardon Ponds land plan is carefully designed to maximize views of the ponds and open space. Nearly 3/4 of the site will remain as green space! All homes will front on beautifully landscaped courtyards with their attached garages and private driveways located off of rear service drives, out of sight.

The ponds and park setting will be available to all residents as will pocket parks and gathering places throughout. A pastoral setting for such a convenient location is one of the things making Kardon Ponds so unique and one of the reasons why the project just received recognition by the prestigious Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance.

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Wide sidewalks throughout the community will link Kardon Ponds not only with the trails on site but also with the nearby Main Street and the rest of Downingtown, including the train station. It is a truly life within walking distance!

The Ponds are a focal point of the community. Mature trees will remain along the trails overlooking the ponds.